A summary of the most frequently asked questions

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. You may find it helpful to scroll through the questions and answers below. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, either by email to [email protected] or by filling in our contact form, outlining your query. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Which schools use the service?
We work with all schools in the UK with boarders who are unable to take all their belongings home and where school storage space is scarce. To place an order as an individual simply select “Place an order” and order as appropriate. We will liaise with the school directly regarding the collection and redelivery. At some schools we provide a dedicated holiday storage service and the school contracts School Trunk directly enabling us to offer a different pricing structure. If you know of a school that might benefit from this please contact us using the contact form.

• Do you collect and deliver over weekends?
Our office hours are 08h30 – 17h00, Monday to Friday. As we find that many schools and universities prefer not to take deliveries over the weekend, we do not, as a matter of policy, collect or deliver over the weekend. If a customer specifically needs a weekend delivery, additional charges will apply, for 3 items to be delivered on a Saturday there will be an additional charge of £40.

• What if I booked for you to collect too few or too many items?
Not to worry, when your belongings are collected, we record exactly what has been taken, we then check it against your order and revise accordingly.

• What if I want to take a gap year?
We are happy to store your boxes until you start university the following year. There is an additional £150 charge for up to 3 items. Please email us at [email protected] for further information.

What is your minimum/maximum storage period?
We don’t have a minimum or maximum holiday storage period, however please note that our flat rates are per holiday, which can in Summer be up to 19 weeks. Additional storage charges will be incurred if a holiday period is exceeded.

• Can I use a different collection/re-delivery address?
If you’re moving, not to worry. We’ll deliver your belongings door-to-door at the address you prefer, be it your permanent address, a business address or a hotel. If we are delivering to a school we will check that a member of staff is on site before delivering your belongings ahead of the start of term. If we are redelivering to a university we cannot deliver your items before you have registered due to strict security policies set out by the University and items must be delivered to a manned reception area.

• What if I do not return to the UK?
Not a problem, we can ship your belongings worldwide. You simply need to contact us with the details of where you want your belongings sent and we will prepare a quote for you. Quotes are prepared based on a a delivery address, number, size and weight of items. You may also be required to fill our contents information for customs. Please also see our Terms and Conditions for prohibited items.

• What size can my suitcase or box be?
We only accept airline approved suitcases, as your belongings do go in transit and into storage, it needs to be able to withstand similar conditions. We are able to provide you with suitable strong collapsible crates, or cardboard boxes. A second suitcase and non-standard items will be treated as 2 items. Plastic bags are not sufficient and will be treated as non standard items.

• How do I label my belongings?
Once you have placed your order, we will prepare and send you directly a set of tracking labels. You must put one label on each item you want School Trunk to collect. Simply cut the labels along the cutting line. Put the long labels around the handle of a suitcase or duvet bag and stick the ends together. Put the shorter labels onto the long front side of crates or boxes, so they are clearly visible when stacked. Unused labels can simply be thrown away.

• How far in advance can I book?
Please ensure your order is placed in order to leave enough time to solve any problems that may occur with the process, address or date. Please allow 72 hours for packaging to be despatched. We will also despatch labels along with packaging ordered, unless at a contracted school, where room information will be provided to us by the School.

• When/how do I pay?
When you place an order, an invoice will automatically be generated and sent to the billing e-mail address entered. Payment can be made via all major credit/debit cards, via paypal or bank transfer online.

• What happens if an item of mine is lost?
School Trunk will recompense a customer for the loss of an item at the rate of £100 per item.

• What if I don’t know the dates I am leaving/returning?
If you are at school not to worry, we liaise directly with your house staff/matron to arrange a time convenient to come and collect your belongings. If you are leaving to go to university/private accommodation, you can let us know your choice and exact location after exam results are released. We need to receive your deliver address 7 days ahead of expected re-delivery.

• Can I store other items like furniture/bikes etc?
We do not store furniture. However, we can store non-standard items such as musical instruments, skateboards, hockey sticks but these must be packed appropriately. These non-standard items counts as 2 items, so there will be an additional charge.

• Where are my belongings stored?
We have a number of climate controlled, secure storage facilities at a growing number of locations around the UK.

• How do you transport my belongings?
We use a combination of our own fleet of couriers as well as using partners such as Parcelforce and DPD. All items must be packed to withstand transportation.

• How much does it cost if you need to send me packing materials?
Our storage products are individually priced on our website. Please allow 72 hours for packaging products to be sent to you and if you are ordering items along with a Silver Storage service, we will also include labels for all of your items, unless at a contracted school where we will be provided with room information as well to add to your order.

• Can you ship my belongings internationally?
The basic price for our international shipments is £125 + £10 per box, this includes our collection, processing and administration fee. Once we have collected your belongings and they arrive in our warehouse, we are able to accurately weigh and measure each item and will then be able to provide you with a precise quote for shipping to the final destination. You will need to pay this additional charge, in addition to the basic price, before we can ship your items.