School Trunk

Refers to School Trunk Ltd or ‘the company’. Company Registration Number: 08053066.


A year equals a standard UK school year starting in September/October and finishing in June/July.

Autumn term

Autumn refers to Autumn in the UK; the typical Autumn school term in the UK runs from September – December. This may vary slight from school to school and year to year.

Spring term

Spring refers to Spring in the UK; the typical Spring school term in the UK runs from January – March/April. This may vary slight from school to school and year to year.

Summer term

Summer refers to Summer in the UK; the typical Summer school term in the UK runs from April – June/July. This may vary slight from school to school and year to year.


Refers to the break between school terms. There are 3 school holidays in each year: 1) at the end of the Autumn term – Winter/Christmas break 2) at the end of the Spring term – Spring/Easter break; and 3) at the end of the Summer term – Summer break.

Silver Storage and Gold Care are available for shorter, half term breaks, by special arrangement.

School suitcase

An airline-approved suitcase.

School trunk

A large rigid container for the storing of belongings.

An item

A single item of packaging eg. a School Trunk Crate or a single suitcase.


Refers to the process of opening a school trunk/suitcase, making an inventory of items against the school list and reporting this back to parents, nametaping unmarked items, carrying out minor repairs, washing or dry cleaning, ironing and repacking the trunk/suitcase.

Gold Care Package

Refers to the processing option and frequency as selected at the time of order.

Processing period

Refers to a single holiday period for which the Gold Care package is purchased.

School uniform list

Refers to the list of school uniform items provided by the school.

School Trunk Crate

Refers to the robust re-usable collapsible plastic storage crates available to purchase or rent from School Trunk.

School Trunk boxes

Refers to cardboard boxes available to purchase from School Trunk.


Refers to the name of the school house that a pupil belongs to at school.


Refers to all the personal chattels and goods stored by a pupil.

School uniform

Refers to the clothing list defined by the school for school wear and includes smalls for the purposes of applying Gold Care ie. socks, handkerchiefs and underwear.


Refers to the parent of the pupil or their legal or nominated UK guardian.

Prohibited items

The following is a list of items which cannot be stored. By accepting our terms and conditions you are agreeing to ensure that you and your child are aware that these items cannot be stored by School Trunk:

  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Flammable or hazardous goods including alcohol or items containing alcohol eg. nail polish
  • Living plants or animals
  • Food or perishable goods
  • Cash and securities
  • Jewellery, coins and collectables
  • Extremely fragile items
  • Illegal goods
  • Waste
  • Please note that School Trunk will be required to check allitems being shipped internationally and remove any items that will not be accepted for international shipment.

Correct packaging

The student must ensure that all trunks/suitcases, crates and/or boxes are packed in such a way to ensure that lids can be fully closed. All storage items must be left closed. Tamper-proof seals for School Trunk Crates can be purchased from School Trunk by special request.

All items for collection should be clearly labelled using only packing labels provided by School Trunk. New packing labels will be provided by School Trunk for each collection.

School Trunk will not accept loose items or items stored in plastic bags. If items are received in plastic bags, School Trunk reserves the right to re-pack these items into a suitable School Trunk crate or cardboard box and invoice accordingly.

Duvets will only be stored separately if they are stored in School Trunk duvet bags, which should only contain a single duvet and pillow. If a duvet and/or pillow is not received in a duvet bag, School Trunk reserves the right to re-pack these items into a School Trunk Duvet Bag and charge accordingly.

All items must be stored in School Trunk crates or School Trunk boxes, both of which are supplied by School trunk Limited with the exception of a single airline-approved suitcase. A trunk or second suitcase counts as 2 items.

No single box or item may exceed 25kg in weight. School Trunk reserves the right to charge an additional £21 per overweight item per holiday period.

School Trunk reserves the right to charge an additional administrative charge of £25 for the processing of overweight or incorrectly packed items.

Breakages: School Trunk is not responsible for items that break or leak during storage and transit where items have not been securely packed. Any damaged items must have evidence of physical damage to the exterior of the packaging in which the item was contained. School Trunk cannot be held liable for concealed damage to items contained within a crate, box or suitcase.

Access to belongings

Once the belongings have been removed from school, students will not have access to them again until they are delivered back to school or any onward location agreed between School Trunk and the student.

School Trunk will not access any storage crates or boxes at any time unless requested to do so under exceptional circumstances for which an appropriate charge will be levied.

School Trunk will open the school trunk/suitcase of students purchasing a Gold Care package for the purposes of processing only; school trunks/suitcases of other students will not be opened except under exceptional circumstances.

Students purchasing a Gold Care package must not lock the suitcase/crate/box containing their school uniform.


School Trunk will process all items received in any processing period. The School Trunk Gold Care package covers the processing of up to 40 items of clothing including a maximum of 3 items requiring dry cleaning. If more than 40 items are received in any processing period, School Trunk will charge an additional £3 for any item requiring laundering. School Trunk will charge £6 for any item requiring dry cleaning, over and above the inclusive 3 items noted above.  Any casual wear items received will not be name-taped or mended.

School Trunk will not process items belonging to another student. Any items found in the school trunk/suitcase that belong to another person, will not be processed but will be bagged as found and re-packed into the trunk/suitcase.

Pupils purchasing the Gold Care processing option must include a minimum of 10 spare name tapes with their order. If no nametapes are received and School Trunk does not have a stock of nametapes for that particular student, School Trunk reserves the right to order a set of nametapes at a cost of £16 for 144 nametapes, for the purposes of completing the Gold Care service.

Where School Trunk’s Duvet Cleaning service is ordered, School Trunk will clean a single hollowfibre duvet and pillow.  Any down products received or any larger size duvets will incur an additional charge of £21.

Storage crates & boxes

Only School Trunk storage crates and cardboard storage boxes supplied by School Trunk will be collected; the only exception to this is the school trunk/school suitcase which can be provided by the pupil. A suitcase counts as one item in the Silver Storage or University Transfer/Home Transfer options and a trunk (a large rigid trunk) counts as 2 items in the Silver Storage or University Transfer/Home Transfer options. A second suitcase counts as 2 items in both the Silver Storage or University transfer/home transfer options.

Cardboard boxes will be supplied flat packed; students will be responsible for constructing the boxes and ensuring that they close fully and are sealed with School Trunk packing tape once packed.

All items should be properly packed to ensure that they are safe in transit. School Trunk will not accept open crates, boxes or trunks/suitcases. If items do not meet the packing criteria laid out in these terms and conditions, School Trunk reserves the right not to collect and store these items.

Silver Storage is normally charged each holiday for a maximum of 12 weeks from date of collection. Students ordering University Transfer or Return to University services may store their items until the beginning of their first semester of that academic year. Students whose items are still in storage with School Trunk beyond the 31 October in any academic year will incur an additional cost for ‘Gap Year Storage’ of £115 for up to 3 items and £28 per additional item per year.

If School Trunk is unable to make contact with the student to arrange for the delivery of and/or payment for the items, School Trunk reserves the right to determine that the items in storage have been abandoned by the student. A final reminder notice will be sent to the student allowing the student 60 days to provide School Trunk with the appropriate delivery address and details and/or make payment of the outstanding amount. If, upon the expiration of the 60-day notice period the student has failed to pay all of the amounts due, School Trunk may dispose of some or all of the Goods by sale, gift to charity, or otherwise.

School Trunk reserves the right to alter its storage and processing solutions at any time and to only communicate these changes via the website.

Redelivery to a University or any other premises other than a boarding school premises

Standard redelivery charges are incorporated into our package.  Additional charges will be incurred as follows:

  • £5:         If you specifically request a weekday morning only delivery (before 12 noon)
  • £20:        If you specifically request a weekday morning only delivery (before 10h30)
  • £15:        You require a weekend delivery (Saturday or Sunday)
  • £50:        You require a weekend delivery before 12 noon
  • £10:        If we are unable to deliver your items due to any of the following reasons: insufficient address information; incorrect postcode; no-one available to sign for the delivery when the driver arrives.

Customer Information

School Trunk will keep all customer information secure in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Your customer information will be used for communicating with you, processing payments where authorized by the account holder and generally maintaining contact with you.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that account information is kept up to date, using either the on-line ordering and account management system or notifying School Trunk in writing, either by email or post, of any changes in account information.

School Trunk can be contacted during the office hours of Monday – Friday, 08h30 – 17h00, or by email to

Cancellation policy

Orders not cancelled within 5 working days of the agreed date of collection will be invoiced at 50% of the total cost of the order. Orders for products can be cancelled within 7 calendar days of receiving them. A refund will then be issued within 30 days.
Orders that have been confirmed for a specific delivery day but cannot be delivered as there is no-one available to sign for delivery, will be retained for re-delivery on a different day but School Trunk reserves the right to levy an additional charge to re-deliver.
School Trunk requires 72 hours’ notice ahead of a required re-delivery date. School Trunk regrets that items cannot normally be delivered on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday.

Payment terms

School Trunk requires full payment before collection unless otherwise agreed in writing. Products will not be dispatched until payment has been received.

School Trunk accepts payment by debit or credit card through School Trunk’s secure on-line payment system. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.


School Trunk will recompense a customer for the loss of an item for up to £100 per item.
School Trunk cannot be held responsible for the following:
> Superficial damage to handles, wheels or the outside of the item.
> Damage due to over-packing.
> Damage to items of a perishable or fragile nature.
> Loss or damage to feet, pockets, pull straps, security straps and external locks.
> Water damage due to rain or snow.