Its simple:

  1. Choose the options that suit you best
  2. Complete our booking form and submit it online
  3. And at the end of every term we’ll take over

Silver Storage/University transfer from £99

You pack*. We collect from school and deliver back to school before the start of the new term. You unpack.

*If you’ve ordered one of our storage products, we'll deliver these to your house before the end of term.

Gold Care from £105 (Must add Silver Storage from £99)

We unpack your school uniform and wash, dry clean mend, name tape as required and repack it.

For just £23 extra, why not use our Duvet Cleaning Service and get your single duvet and pillow cleaned?

School Trunk Storage Solutions:

Students must pack their belongings in one of School Trunk’s simple storage solutions, all available to purchase

School Trunk Crate
A robust, rigid plastic crate that folds flat for easy storage when not in use (space saving of up to 80%). Available to purchase or can be rented by schools from School Trunk.

Size: 600mm x 400mm x 330mm.

£40 each.

School Trunk Duvet Bag
Robust, reusable and breathable – an ideal bag for a single duvet and pillow.

A strong cotton duvet bag with drawstring.

£13 each.

How it works

How it works