School Trunk provides a simple and efficient room-to-room, collection, delivery and storage solution for students who can’t take everything home.

Managing students’ belongings

Our offer includes a total logistics management service. In plain English, we generate all the labelling and tracking required, put dedicated teams of DBS checked people power on the ground at the beginning and end of terms and take full responsibility for every single item we collect and re-deliver, liaising directly with the students and parents where required.  

School Trunk is dedicated to the boarding schools’ sector, helping schools effectively manage the growing challenges of a modern boarding offer and students’ ever-increasing storage requirements.

Our UniWiz service also takes care of the transfer to university – collecting pupils’ belongings at the end of their school career and delivering them to their university in the new academic year or delivering them home, wherever that may be, or even storing them for a Gap year.

Optimising space – Silver Storage

School Trunk takes students’ belongings off-site allowing schools to make effective use of the school facilities whether for holiday courses or a refurbishment programme. We also work with some schools to help the move items to a dedicated on-site storage solution, which can be a more cost-effective option for schools where the space is available.

Working to your timetable

Knowing how busy school life can be at the beginning and end of terms we work with you to set a schedule for each house, agreeing in advance the dates and times when we will collect and deliver.

Safe and efficient Storage Products

School Trunk offers durable plastic collapsible School Crates for rent, doing away with the need for fragile cardboard boxes and plastic bags. Carefully selected so that students find it very difficult to pack more than the 25kg safe weight allowance into them, they also take up 80% less space when collapsed and are thus easily stowed away when not in use.

Beyond storage – Gold Care

School Trunk will also take special, individual care of pupils’ school uniforms, taking over from the school for the holidays and making sure students come back ready for the school term with a complete uniform set, name-taped, mended and professionally cleaned and packed.

Want to improve your holiday storage options?

If you’d like to discuss a tailored solution for your school, please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your particular requirements. Fill in our form to get in touch